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  1. I am unable to change the rendering? I want to use the Street O view, but when I click on the boxes in the top left hand corner, nothing changes, I can still see the view with the Street names etc?

    • Hi Jackie, yes that’s the one big (and necessary) change from v3 – you only get the custom-rendered view when you “Save and get PDF”.
      To help with this, there’s a new “Preview” button in the top-right panel which will produce a map overlay using the style and rendering options you have selected.

    • Certain areas are rendered as pink out-of-bounds areas: building sites, schools for example. However, being able to interactively define new OOB areas is significant extra functionality. For now, a straightforward workaround is to import the rendered PDF into something like Inkscape where you can add custom-drawn objects.

    • You might be able to import the PDF output into OCAD, however oomap doesn’t have any dedicated functionality to export data for other mapping programs. You might be better off querying OpenStreetMap directly and importing that.

      • Attributes such that Ocad would recognize the objects as being of a certain (even if an unknown/undefined) symbol, or layers in the PDF so as one could turn on an off layers in Inkscape (or similar) would be just enough.

  2. Hi David, as far as I can tell roads mapped as driveways in OSM do not transfer to OOMap now, though I think they used to. In rural areas, particularly, driveways often provide access to footpaths, or at least are prominent enough for runners to get confused as to whether the road they come across is mapped or not. Could they be an option, as in the various point features you can choose to display, or mapped as thin lines, as service roads are.
    Many thanks

  3. Hi. Can I make a single donation to OOM on behalf of a running club (rather than pressing the buy a coffee button for either Ollie or David). And will I get a formal receipt for the running club accounts? Thanks.

  4. Hi David

    Thank you your great work on the site.

    Our club (MVOC) is just launching its Street O series for this year and would like to make a donation to you. Can you email me with details of how to make a bank transfer?

    Also, it would great to utilise the club logo element, can this be done for MVOC please?


  5. after opening map, setting centre point then start then on to controls, by the time i get to setting control 6 the map on th left of the screen keeps going smaller so that the colums on the right ( contros etc) get wider so prt of the map is hidden behind ie the map now occupies 40% width of screen and columns >60 as more controls added. this is the same whether i use my lap top or pc, it only seems to have happened with V4, so i cant understand

  6. I am unable to print the pdf map. In the past this was not a problem but I now get at “ERROR unknown style” message

    • Hi Rorry,
      I can see a couple of saved maps of yours with style=”undefined” instead of streeto, oterrain, etc. Not exactly sure how that’s happened but if it happens again, you should be able to fix this by switching the style (using the top-left map icons) from “StreetO” to “PseudO” and then back to “StreetO”. Let me know if that doesn’t work.

    • To clarify the problem, it is when I try to save the pdf before printing that I get the error message, not when i try to print.

      • Hopefully my tip should still work.
        Before pressing the “Save & get PDF map” button, what URL is shown in the browser navigation bar? It should start “”.
        If you can provide the exact steps to get “undefined” instead of “streeto” (or a get PDF error) I can see if I can get the same – and then fix it.

        • Thank you. I set it to Street O and it worked, then set it back to Pseudo O and I got what I needed. The URL did show undefined originally. Problem solved!

  7. Why do we no longer have the “Pseud’O” rendering like an IOF standards card please? It was really great for beginners! (example where I tried with several internet browsers: Bressuire in France)

    • Hi Nicolas,
      That should still work – and I can see a saved map (653fc13191542) which renders OK? The big change is that the web map no longer shows the orienteering rendering, just the default openstreetmap view. That’s a necessary change in the way the site works but you can still preview the Pseudo render – try the “Preview” button at the top-right.
      Something else to note – definitely use the “LIDAR-5” or “LIDAR-10” contours in preference to the SRTM or GLO-30 ones as they’re much higher quality and cover all of France.
      If you’re still having issues please post the mapid that you’ve saved, and what you expect to see and I’ll take another look.

  8. When I create the pdf from the base an existing tarmac footpath which is long established and shows on the base disappears. We have tried to change the properties on osm but this does not produce any change even after several days wait.

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