Tip: zoom in to see the orienteering map, before setting options or adding controls.
Tip: click where you want the centre of your sheet to be. Don't forget you can drag the map to move it.
Tip: click to add controls, To move the map, drag the blue marker. Once done, click "Save" to get PDF.
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OpenOrienteeringMap, the easy Street-O map creation tool.

Detailed help is now available.
You can quickly and easily set a map, add controls, and create a print-ready, high quality vector PDF. If you have any comments, leave them at the end here. You can also find out more about OpenOrienteeringMap, and keep an eye on Ollie's blog for news on updates.

If you feel like contributing, or just want to look at the code, you can find it on Github - the original code and the latest enhancements.

Ollie O'Brien wrote the original oomap; David Dixon provided enhancements from 2021 on.
OpenOrienteeringMap's data is obtained from OpenStreetMap, © OSM contributors. Contours are from a variety of sources, with correct attribution on the output PDF.